The Power of Two
May 25, 2015


{ how 1 + 1 ≥ 2


“I’m stuck.”

The most common and devastating thing happen to a designer; and it is not uncommon.

Sometimes, you take a break, sip some coffee, or have a nap. When your mind is clear, you work again and, bam! You get the solution. However, this is mostly not the case. We always need discussion, brainstorming and then ideas go further. When one is stuck, the other helps. Sometimes, even a single word can brainstorm the other and a great idea is born.  Let’s see three of my favourite design duos today :)


Neri & Hu


Neri and Hu are a couple based in Shanghai and are definitely hot now in the world of architecture, interior and product design. Like many other Chinese designers, they take traditional Chinese elements in their design but with a very contemporary twist and re-interpretation. 



Yingjia Club / Vanke / Beijing 

 Camper Shop and Office / Shanghai

The Narcissist / BD Barcelona Design

Extrude stools & Side tables


The Row


They are the coolest twins in the world – Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. (Damn, I still cannot tell who’s who). From being little stars on TV to one of the most influential young entrepreue in the fashion industry, their style has evolved to nowadays minimal luxurious chic. 

Back to a decade ago, the Olsen twins were very hobo; but now, they have elevated to some style of elegance but never too lady too much. They play with silhouettes and cut, layering and textures. Most of the time, you see Olsen’s signature flowy silhouette in the collection. 
Besides the row, they also have a casual line named Elizabeth & James after their sister and brother’s names.



RTW Spring 2015

RTW Spring 2015

RTW Spring 2014

Spring 2015


Building Block


They are an emerging accessories designer from LA. I bet you have seen their designs in select shop already. Like Olsen’s, Kimberly and Nancy Wu are sisters. Before establishing their studio, they worked at Nike as shoe designer and Honda as car designer (I’m thrilled when I first knew that). Their designs are highly recognizable; geometrical forms, simple lines and fine details. 



Disc Bag

Circle Dufful

They have signature tassels. New colours and designs every season.

Sandal / Spring 2015


“Two” sometimes make it more than a double; yet, sometimes you want to punch the other right into their faces. 😛