nordic vibe / dash of colours
May 19, 2015

{ how the nordic folks play with colours

If you like my last post talking about nordic patterns; this time, I am going to push a bit further, be prepared to empty your wallet for some major furniture shopping!

1. Pop of pastel

If you are not a monochrome person like me :/, you definitely want to add some colours to the room. Try adding some pink, yellow, pistachio, turqoise etc. to the space. Small objects are always the best to test the water. Later on, your can try having a buttercream sofa like this ↓


Laura Fulmine / You Magazine
Pastel furniture in a very white-based apartment, with detailed treatment to moldings in the same pastel colour.


Pale pink wall with pink items, toning down by oak wood furniture and flooring.


Fancy NZ Design Blog
A very tone on tone based apartment with pop colour single item.


2. Go D-I-R-T-Y

Dirty pink, dirty green, dirty lilac.. etc. These are the most magical colours from the pantone. Why? They add colours and livliness to the space, but they still keep the calmness.

The best companian is, obviously, grey (warm grey!).


Derek Swalwell
Dirty pink makes a great cozy feel


Nothing can be more long lasting then dirty green


No harm to paint one feature wall to a dirty one.


3. Pinch of copper/brass

Shiny bling-y stuffs obviously are not on the plate of the nordic, but they do love copper or brass these kinds of metal. To me, copper/brass represent luxury but in a more understated way. These tones of metal also bring a little bit handicraft, raw and natural mood to the space.


Stylist Jessica Hanson
My favourite image in this post. Such a harmonic combination of various materials - wood, marble, copper, dado railing/paint, etc. Yet, nothing feeling busy or too much. Genius.

a small hanging copper lamp


Stylist Norsu
The best to start your copper arrangement - home accessories, no wire, no nail, small and easy.

Have you picked which one to start with?