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5 ways to become an art curator at home
March 29, 2015


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Gallerist Gian Enzo Sparone's home

↑↑↑ If your home looks like this picture, please skip this article(!) ↑↑↑ 


{ unveil your hidden talent of an art curator


Yes, most of us live in teeny tiny place in this city. We still need some spaces for art display, to show who you are and stylize your apartment room


But what to do besides hanging a picture bought from Sotheby’s ikea?


1. Trompe-l’œil


french by design
image courtesy / french by design


Art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

(Tell me you love the French word deep in your heart. Just like a love-at-first-sight!)


Instead of really hanging a painting/picture in frame over the headboard of your bed, this technique makes it less serious, and more flexible. 

So, why not showing more of your creativity?

Postcard, magazine pages, print-outs, etc. That’s all you need!


2. Against the wall/ground


Yea, the moment I was looking at these two images,

I realized, this may be just a result evolved from people who were too lazy to drill a hole on wall and hammer a nail!


But it totally works and the flexibility is reaching the max.!


3. Getting sketchy


All you need is a few rolls of electronic type (those sticky plastic thing for wrapping electronic wire)

Get it from your nearest hardware store and it just costs you HK$ 3/each.


Some people may go for the IT type – m type

But I personally will go for this raw blacky thingy.


4. Household Props


5. Mixed Media


So, on top of the above “techniques”, your can try putting different items for the mixture

This will create some chemical effects

⊃ A book on the wall

⊃ A scarf on the wall

⊃ A necklace on the wall

All everyday items can be mounted

And you will create your own multimedia art display!


Aren’t you gonna DIY tomorrow?