10 inches from the ground
March 28, 2015


 { 4 ways to add detail touches to your look

Devil is in the details;

No one will disagree.


Besides buying stuffs with nice details, more you can do is to add touches to your total look with what you currently have. We are helping you to save up! How sweet are we!


From like a year ago, I rolled all my pants up for whatever shoes i am wearing – loafers, oxfords, boots, ballerina, etc etc. And for whatever pants I am wearing – jeans, straight legged pants, etc etc.


Thou, shoes are many people’s attention to your total look, but how to treat the 10 inches around your shoes is as important as which shoes you have chosen to wear on that particular day! For no matter you are a suit guy or a normcore girl


1. Roll your pants


Simple reason – it is just sexy to show your ankles ♥




2. Show off your fancy nancy socks





Contrasting colours, tone-on-tone, patterned, plain,
what ever they are,
just show them!


3. i-just-don’t-care-what-you-think socks




Turn yourself into grandpa grandma but in hip version,
with a pair of comfy socks and sandals.


4. I-just-like-wearing-socks mix



This is more advance.

Because your look won’t fail without that socks, but if the socks are wrong, they put an end to your day!

Avoid looking ’trying too hard’ or ‘over the top’ on your total look.

(If you have ever watched Project Runway, you know it ‘trying too hard’)

proportion is always the key! Happy stocking!