the hell sexy line
February 7, 2015

The title is a bit crossing the line, but that’s what I gasped when I saw the “Haunted” MV by Beyonce. She was wearing a sexy lingerie with bands and suspender across her body. The lines slightly etched into her busty curve is seducing …ummm…must be the afterheat from Fifty Shades of Grey.


Beyonce Haunted

Beyonce with sexy lingerie in 'Haunted'

Well, don’t get me wrong, this is not an article telling you how to seduce your boyfriend on bed with sexy lingerie (don’t get disappointed now!). Rather, this is about being sexy and sophisticated on the street to make guys turn around the head for you (isn’t it more exciting? I know).


{ the fine line between SEXY and SEXUAL }



Imagine the lines are gone from the tights and Chado Ralph Rucci’s dress, it won’t go anywhere wrong, only the lure seems to fade… a bit too flat? a bit too exposed? a bit common. The line actually matters!


body curve line


The fine lines do not only add details to the design. It guides your eyes to run through the body wherever it goes…from the hip…waistline…to upper back. It expresses the body curve and bone line wherever it touches, and that’s what makes it HOT!


These lines always appear at back of the body to enlighten the blank canvas with patterns. Eyesight just keep tracing the spinal curve all the way down to the hip. You just got the impulse to caress the smooth skin on the back.


The front of the body could be a little bit tricky, as obviously you do not want to look like a tied ham! So DON’T over do it! One or two lines showing off the boobs line and cleavage will do. The dress by Reinaldo Lourenco finds the right balance and the triangular shape even makes the boobs look fuller.

Another way more subtle, yet effect is to accessorize the deep deep v. Who can ignore your cleavage?! Remember don’t do it too loud! Elegance is the attitude!

 Summer is coming! Time to get your curve BAM!