Under The Ether Art
like real, like fictitious
February 7, 2015

Illusion messes up your eyes and mind. Your eyes see one thing; your mind tells you the other. Even you know deep in your heart it’s an old trick of telling a witch or a young girl’s face, but it still fusses with your head.


A trick will never be too old if you got it on right track…and it may even bring you further! The witch/young girl is employed in another level when I spotted Under The Ether by Alexandre Dubois for FAINT Magazine. The photo just caught my gaze. Partially real partially fictitious, Melanie Blat is blended into the bloody red splashing out from her skin, drowning in the breath of dark glam; …or those actually feel like ROSES to me.



Under The Ether, captured and styled by Alexandre Dubois, modeled by Melanie Blat 

REAL? FICTITIOUS?  These kind of images are always composed with a single subject to be the main focus, from which it is elaborated with details and layers. The composition becomes a sophisticated whole and enjoyable to digest.


From here, you got to mention Serge Lutens’ work for Shiseido in the 1980s. The creative shoots still look avant-garde today. He manipulates with color, lighting and composition to confuse and dramatise the scene. Painting or a photo shoot? You just can’t figure out.

One thing in common from these creative mixed media artworks is the application of different graphical effects and 2D-3D illusion. From a creative point of view, these techniques simply trigger your not-so-often-used mindset to discover more possibilities. From a reader point of view, the illusion is provoking both visual and intellectual interactions to imprint the story behind more effectively!


↓↓↓ What do you see from these works???




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